It is a long term health privilege card launched by BP, to target affordable H2T screening with house call service provided by Doctor2U. The cardholder can enjoy offer / discount on various BP services and consistently updated with latest healthcare news.
Please refer to the below :
Product Code CC20K CC25K
Validity 15 years 20 years
Selling price (RM) 20,000 25,000
H2T Twice per year, total 30 H2T, no bring forward Twice per year, total 40 H2T, no bring forward
Doctor2U Twice per year, total 30 times, no bring forward Twice per year, total 40 times, no bring forward
Personal Accident Coverage (RM) 100,000 100,000
Actual Value (RM) 45,000 60,000
% discount 56% 58%
Any customer that IS health conscious, looking for accredited and affordable healthcare service and able to commit the sum needed now
Payment in full is required before activation of program, payment can be made in Cash (inclusive of online transfer), Credit Card, Easy Payment Plan (EPP) and cheque (upon clearance).
Customer shall sign agreement provided for this plan and make full payment for package activation. Package will be activated 7 days from payment date, customer can start to redeem first H2T on 8th days from payment date.
The customer is cardholder in the program, they can share the benefit to up to 3 family members. It will be termed as Nominee (PA beneficiary), Loved One 1 and Loved One 2. All names need to be provided prior to package activation and no changes allowed during the tenure. The family members here referred to immediate family members, such as parents, spouse, siblings and kids.
Yes, you may sign them up but due to the medical concern, they may not enjoy the full H2T content, tests that are not able to perform will not be refund, exchange in any form nor passing the benefit to others.
BP CC concierge team shall contact customer to verify personal data and payment record made prior to provision of username and password for online log in for package redemption.
Every year cardholder can redeem 2 H2T screening (either themselves or gift to the named family member). Maximum H2T for each year is 4 (by bringing the last year H2T for early redemption).
Eg. Customer signed up CC20K,
Year 1 redeemed 2x H2T,
Year 2 wish to redeem 4x H2T, customer is using 2x H2T of 15th year and hence the card duration shall end on 14th year
Card start date would be the activation date, which is the 8th day from payment date. This date will be used for yearly entitlement calculation.
Eg. Payment transaction date : 1 July 2016
Card activation date : 8 July 2016
Year 1 end at 7 July 2017
Year 2 start at 8 July 2017
cardholder need to log in to the portal, click on redemption, choose own and save, a sms will be given to the cardholder’s handphone no with One Time Password (OTP) that to be showed to BP staff with original IC provided for redemption of H2T.
Follow the same step as per 11, except cardholder need to choose Nominee, Loved One 1 or Loved One 2 at redemption screen. A sms will be given to cardholder’s handphone no with One Time Password (OTP) that to be showed to BP staff with original IC provided for redemption of H2T. Cardholder may forward this sms to their named family member to present to BP staff.
BP will bear the premium for customer according to card tenure, activation start with card activation. The age eligible for protection is up to 70 years old (if customer is 60 years old when sign up CC20K, the PA coverage will lapse on 10th-year when customer is at 70th birthday).
Death due to accident – RM 100,000 compensation to the nominee
Natural death or medical related – no compensation
Permanent disability
BPCC agreement is with card holder, if card holder passed away, the whole agreement considered lapsed and the benefit do not automatically assigned to any named family members.
The cardholder can still proceed part of the H2T test, any tests that cannot be completed will be burnt, no exchange or passing to another person under this card’s policy.
No changes shall be made to Loved One 1 and 2 after sign up. However if the card holder wish to exchange nominee name, they can do so by coming to any BP branch, provide both IC, sign an acknowledgement form on the changes, BP CC concierge shall contact them to verify details before assigning the changes in portal. Only maximum 2 times change is allowed within the card tenure.
No change would be allowed for this, card holder shall share the benefit within remaining 3 in the card program.
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